Bleacher Report | 3D Animated Social Media Shorts

We teamed up with Turner’s sports platform Bleacher Report to create fun social media shorts featuring the biggest stars from the NFL, NBA, and more. With 15.8 million followers on Instagram, B/R leads the conversation around some of the sports world’s hottest topics. The looks of these videos were wide-ranging, including a ‘Chucky’ short in the style of Rick & Morty, a vinyl toy-esque 3D short, and more.

Zap Energy | Fusion Energy Website & Interactive Experience

Zap Energy approached us to create a high-end interactive narrative experience to help unveil their advances in fusion energy. The goal was for a heightened product reveal to meet this historic moment in technological advancement. Leaning into an optimistic view of the future, while acknowledging real world challenges, we created a viewer-controlled scrolling visual experience with a conceptual breakdown of Zap Energy’s fusion reactor and its prospective impact from global scale to small community.

Big Wild | ‘OMGarden’ Music Video

We partnered again with the legendary Portland-based motorcycle apparel company ICON Motosports to create this haunting social media animation promoting the release of their Airflite 4Horsemen helmet. Inspired by the helmet’s artwork and animated in the style of the 1970s Lord of the Rings film, this short brings Conquest, War, Famine, and Death into terrifying reality.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Centrios HX Electron Microscope Visualization

Thermo Fisher Scientific reached out to Deep Sky to visualize the Axia ChemiSEM and Centrios HX. We collaborated with rockstar producer John Petrina on the script and the unique approach to visualizing the product.

Utilizing Houdini, we created a reactive CG background that simulated during analysis throughout the video, complementing the software’s waveform analysis. Additionally, we created several unique environments to visualize various samples taken from a wide spectrum of sites and industries.

USNC | 3D Technical Walkthrough Video

USNC approached Deep Sky to produce a series of videos that promote and explain their state-of-the-art technology, which is setting the new standard for nuclear safety. The main goal of these videos was to be informative and scientifically-accurate. Using detailed environment modeling, complex VFX, and hyper-realistic simulations, we were able to convey USNC’s priority of safety while highlighting their state-of-the-art technology.

Ayar Labs | IO Optical

Ayar Labs is continually breaking barriers by enabling the next phase of Moore’s Law through optical connectivity. They just needed to visualize this revolutionary breakthrough to their audience in a comprehensible way for the most tech-savvy engineers as well as the casual viewer. We worked closely with Ayar’s engineers to learn exactly how their products function and how this could … Read More

GoDaddy | 3D Marketing Illustrations

Deep Sky collaborated with Whole Foods to produce icon illustrations for their applications, allowing users a clear interface and ease of accessibility while using their product.