MG “Monkey Business” | Commercial VFX

Deep Sky collaborated with New Amsterdam Film Company and MG on their latest spot titled ‘Monkey Business’. We utilized our in-house CGI chimpanzee model on this rad and ambitious 30-second international spot. While we’ve have had several years experience animating and compositing digital animals (particularly chimps), this spot had a load of welcome challenges. From moving cameras, moving objects, interactions … Read More

OG&E | Positive Energy Homes

Our friends at CLEAResult reached out to us to produce an classical animated video for OG&E’s Positive Energy Homes. This lovely spot combined both hand-drawn animation, matte painted backgrounds, and 3D animation. Client: OG&E Agency: CLEAResult Studio: Deep Sky Creative Director: Jared Hobbs Producer: James Horn Art Director: Barret Thomson Lead 2D Animator: Jack Ellis 2D Animator: Tina Hsu 2D … Read More

ODOT | Pedestrian Safety

Our 4th spot for ODOT is the kickstarter for a fun campaign featuring these two unique characters. We had a blast designing and animating these colorfully loud personalities to shed more light onto the importance of standing out as a pedestrian. These characters are the embodiment of safety, and by having them interacting with people, it helped bring their message … Read More

BR | Derek Carr + Chucky vs broncos

We had a blast working on this funny little animation for Bleacher Report. Our goal, make you question what the heck you just watched. Seriously though, Bleacher Report knows their fans and we got to explore some new territory with them. This particular style we hand drew most of the animation and composited the effects into After Effects. Animations are … Read More

ODOT | Park Your Phone

Our first of many commercial spots for ODOT and Gard Communications. Park Your Phone plays throughout Oregon in theaters and broadcast, creating awareness to put your phone away before driving. We were tasked to film and bring to life real elements within a driver’s vehicle. We did this practically using wires, green screen, and a puppeteer. Our toy trooper was … Read More

CGI Chimpanzee | 3D Character Licensing

Meet Bam the brother of HAM, the famous pioneer chimp to first rocket into the great unknown, space. Bam on the other hand, is the first fully in-house ape to grace the outer reaches of Deep Sky. By combining Mayas animation power and C4Ds amazing quality, we have created a high-fidelity chimp suited for any live action project. Understanding that … Read More

Halo Pet Food | Garden of Vegan

Our 3rd Halo video collaboration with RPA. The Garden of Vegan aims to highlight that dogs don’t need meat to be strong and healthy. A plentiful wild garden full of fresh veggies and sustenance for our doggies.

Bleacher Report | Julio Jones Stir Fry

We had a blast collaborating with Bleacher Report on another CGi animated short. A fun concept, talented team, and great timing, B/R unleashed this Stir Fry on Instagram generating over 1 million views in less than 24 hours. Lot’s of love and love those comments. More to come!

Growing Up George | Animated Short Film

Growing Up George shows how the strong influence of Paul George’s mother Paulette and sister Teiosha helped shape the All-Star into the person, parent and athlete he is today. The piece highlights how his sister Teiosha’s success as a basketball player inspired and motivated him at a young age to develop his game. The film also touches on his mother … Read More