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We help our partners reach their audience by distilling their message into its most effective and understandable form. Whether you want to communicate using recognizable imagery or through metaphorical shape language, our team crafts a visually authentic expression of your message.

Featured Projects

Ironclad Product and Event Videos


Product and Event Videos

Created in a style based on watercolor paintings and using a mixture of motion graphics and character animation, we visualize how teams are supported by this cloud-based contract management system.

Keen ReGen


ReGen Collection

The spot's approach we created motion template for transitions and typography, then applying selected content into each sequence.

Super Bowl LIII Preopen

Bleacher Report

Super Bowl VIII Reopen

Visualized the Vince Lombardi trophy revealing itself in 3D while reflection of 2D roto animation replays of the two winning NFL.

Our Process


Capturing the heart of your brand and your message through design

Design and art direction builds trust with your audience and conveys your message. That’s why our team of producers, directors, and artists listen to your idea to build it into a complete vision, no matter if it’s scratched on the back of a napkin or on your conference room whiteboard. We explore various styles with you, such as different shape languages or if you’d like to show realistic or more abstract representations of your product, in order to determine which conveys the personality and message most effectively.

  • Design concepting
  • Live creative exploration sessions
  • Create new designs
    or utilize existing brand guidelines
  • Storyboarding
    Feeling your story in action for the first time

    A storyboard is a visual representation of your story that breaks down the action into individual panels. A major step during pre-production, it sets out how you want the final piece to flow shot-by-shot, giving you a tangible outline for your story before beginning animation.

  • Story outline
  • Concept sketches
  • Scriptwriting
  • Image

    Designing the assets in preparation for animation

    Building on styles and concepts created during the design phase, our team of artists creates all of the visual elements for the video.
    Those individual elements are brought together in keyframes and we incorporate your feedback each step of the way. These final stills along with each of the individual assets are delivered to the animation team to put them in motion.

  • Detail and color added to concept sketches
  • Final key frames for review
  • Prep for handoff to animation team
  • Animatic
    Setting the pace and timing of your story

    The animatic edit brings together storyboards, dialogue or voiceover, basic sound effects, and music, essentially creating an animated storyboard. This allows the director or editor to time out each shot to understand how the story will look and feel in real-time, essentially creating a pre-visualization of the project in order to make any last design edits. This is then handed to the animation team to generate a final shot and frame count as the project begins to move into animation.

  • Script beats and timing
  • Visuals sync with voice over
  • Design revisions
  • Image

    Bringing your story to life

    Utilizing the designs, style frames, and the animatic edit, our team of animators and motion designers begin applying motion to the illustrations and assets. We share multiple work-in-progress reviews with you to get your feedback during production and make any necessary tweaks. Visual effects are also created and incorporated into the necessary shots.

  • Applying motion to the final illustrations
  • Integration of FX
  • Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D
  • Audio
    Finalizing sound design

    Once animation has been locked, our editors begin creating sound effects to support the animation and actions on screen. The voice over and music track are also added, and one final audio mix is applied so that everything works together harmoniously. After one final review by you, the project is ready for final delivery to you.

  • Voice over
  • Music & sound effects
  • Final audio mix
  • Deep Sky sound design

    Featured Motion Design Work