ODOT | Closer Than You Think

Objects May Appear “Closer Than You Think”. In this 3D animated PSA commercial, we see the beautiful Oregon landscape come to life, simulating real-life circumstances and importance of sharing the road. Client: ODOT Agency: Gard Animation Studio: Deep Sky Producer: James Horn Creative Director: Barret Thomson 3D Modeling Character rigging Lighting Animation Editing Rendering Compositing

It’s the Little Things “Part 2: Spring” | Animated short

Spring time is here! Deep Sky’s latest installment of “It’s The Little Things Part 2: Spring”, features our favorite frog friend and his trusty caterpillar, as they tidy up their greenhouse in preparation for spring after their cozy winter.

Icon Motosports | Airflite Space Force

We partnered with the legendary Portland-based motorcycle apparel company ICON Motosports to create this wild social media animation promoting the release of the Beastie Bunny helmet. This style was inspired by the classic Warner Bros animations, as we get a glimpse into the cotton-tailed concocter’s laboratory where he is piecing together his abomination-creation. Starting with both rigged and hand-animated characters, we added electricity effects to highlight the monster’s transformation. ICON is known for it’s beautiful helmet designs, but this video engaged with their fans on a whole new level.

Tektronix | TekWorld Awards

As the leader in digital contracting, Ironclad asked us to help them emphasize their groundbreaking role in the digital revolution of the backbone of business: the contract. They needed videos that explained how they are bringing teams, processes, and data together to make better, faster business contracts.

The Smashing Pumpkins | ‘In Ashes’ Animated Series

It’s been an honor to work with such a massively influential band and to collaborate directly with band frontman and series creator Billy Corgan. Translating his narrative vision into cinematic form has been a fun challenge for our team. There’s a lot of nuance. With this in mind, we created this dark futurist-goth art style, leveraging the traditional techniques of … Read More

Burmer Music | Nanakorobi (Seven Falls)

Nanakorobi (Seven Falls) is a multi-award winning animated short film created by Glenna Burmer that follows the adventures of a young girl who undergoes seven challenges to save a dear orphaned friend from the cold Hokkaido winter. This highlight video shows the beginning of the film, showcasing both the original orchestral score composed by Glenna Burmer and the sumi-e style animation by Gaby Breiter and Deep Sky. The animation is a tribute to Glenna Burmer’s mother, who was a sumi-e artist.

ODOT | Pedestrian Safety

Our 4th spot for ODOT is the kickstarter for a fun campaign featuring these two unique characters. We had a blast designing and animating these colorfully loud personalities to shed more light onto the importance of standing out as a pedestrian. These characters are the embodiment of safety, and by having them interacting with people, it helped bring their message … Read More

Gilead Sciences | Research Scholars Program Animated Videos

WWE Communications reached out to us to design and animate a series of testimonial-like videos for Gilead Sciences. We were tasked with designing the overall look of this series, as well as future videos. A majority of the character animation is digitally hand-drawn, while the talking head characters were rigged for quick lip sync and turnaround. We incorporated circular shapes … Read More

Bleacher Report | Supercam

It doesn’t take much to make Cam Newton look like a superhero on the field, but we thought we’d give him a little extra boost. After animating in Maya, our team put some extra loving care into the sim of his cape to make sure it reacted to Cam’s movements accurately. We used ZBrush to sculpt him and the defenders, Cinema 4D for VFX and rendering, and After Effects for compositing.

Bleacher Report | Andy Dalton’s on Fire

Another fun collaboration with our friends at Bleacher Report. We modeled, textured, rigged and animated Andy Dalton revealing his fiery red hair actually being on fire!