Thermo Fisher Scientific | Axia ChemiSEM

Thermo Fisher Scientific reached out to Deep Sky to visualize the Axia and ChemiSEM. We collaborated with rockstar producer John Petrina on the script and the unique approach to visualizing the product. Utilizing Houdini, we created a reactive CG background that simulated during analysis throughout the video, compliementing the software’s waveform analysis. Additionally, we created several unique environments to visualize … Read More

Seneca Foods | CGI Product Renderings & Ad Imagery

Deep Sky collaborated with Seneca Foods to visualize their single packaged products and multi-packs sold on Amazon and at Walmart. We began by creating a custom Sheet to track their product identification, weight, ingredients, labels, and more. Seneca provided all vector labels used for textures and graphic design elements of the secondary images. Each product was modeled and rendered in … Read More

Stash Tea | 3D Product Renders

We collaborated with Jolby and Friends to visualize Stash Tea’s new product package designs. Utilizing Jolby’s vector illustrations, we rendered every product SKU at 3,000 by 3,000 pixel images with multiple angles. These CGI images replaced their previous traditional photography in both English and multi-languages. Client: Stash Tea Agency: Jolby and Friends 3D Studio: Deep Sky 3D modeling 3D texturing … Read More

FLIR | 3D Product Renders

We’ve been collaborating with R/West and FLIR for years visualizing their products for videos and online imagery. Below are selections of product renderings we’ve produced utilizing CAD models or modeling from scratch reference products in hand. Years ago we utilized 3D Max and Vray, then Keyshot, and over the last two years all products are rendering with Cinema 4D. There’s … Read More

Aneko | Emsys

Designed specifically for the beverage industry to empty in a simple, quick and effortless manner all kind of concentrated liquids, contained in drums, barrels or jerricans. Its completely sanitary construction and simple operation makes it an ideal equipment to integrate in the syrup preparation rooms. The equipment consists of movements in three axes (X, Y, Z) by means of a … Read More