D’Addario | Product Catalogue Renderings

We collaborated with D’Addario, (yes the D’Addario!) on an ambitious 4-month project creating thousands of product SKU renderings of their products and accessories. Our first month consisted of pipeline setup, master lighting and SKU angles. A majority of products didn’t have available CAD files which required our team of artists to model every master SKU by referencing physical products. In … Read More

Eagle Iron | Industrial Machine 3D Visualizations

We collaborated with Eagle Iron Works on two new products, the Eagle Pug Mill and Eagle Screw Washer. We prepped supplied CAD models, texture, light, animate, render, and composite. Before we begin working with a model, we collaborate on an animation outline script and schedule video calls with engineers while screen sharing imported CAD files – which quickly educates us … Read More

Atlas Bolt and Screw, Co. | Screw & Fastener Renderings

We collaborated with Atlas Bolt and Screw to produce close to 100 renderings of their fasteners for metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood applications. Client provided both product in hand and CAD schematics for reference to model each fastener. Physical products allowed us to capture their materials, textures, etc. Atlas’s customers appreciate their proven track record of quality and reliability and Deep Sky … Read More

McLanahan | CGI Industrial Product Visualizations

Another stellar 3D collaboration between Deep Sky and McLanahan. In order to visualize how these enormous industrial machines work – we prep very hefty CAD files, create materials and textures, setup the CGI lighting, animate virtual camera and the product elements, generate liquid simulations, and a lot of rendering. Finally, we composite all the layered passes together. Before we begin … Read More

Giro | CGI Product Shoe Renderings

We worked with Giro on their 2020 Bike lineup from photography to CGI rendering. Early on we found traditional box modeling wouldn’t work for Giro’s sleek shoe designs. In order to be on-model, we began by 3D scanning each shoe and scanning all material textures. Since 3D scanning geometry is very dense and creates unwanted artifacts, we only reference the … Read More

Giro | Snow Helmets & Goggles CGI Product Rendering

We collaborated with our friends at Giro Sports making the leap from photography to CGI product renderings for their entire catalog. It took a month of preparation to become familiar with the product lineups, create custom Excel Sheets to track production and colorways, and sort through hundreds of physical products that were shipped to us. Like photography, we had to … Read More

Alinea | Electron Therapy Cancer Treatment Visualization

We collaborated with OVO and IntraOp to visualized Mobetron outside a hospital environment in a small dermatology clinic. IntraOp, the leading innovator in compact electron therapy devices, announced plans in early 2019 to bring hospital-grade electron therapy to dermatology clinics. Superficial electron therapy is recognized as standard of care treatment for Basal and Squamous Cell skin cancers by both the … Read More

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Axia ChemiSEM

Thermo Fisher Scientific reached out to Deep Sky to visualize the Axia and ChemiSEM. We collaborated with rockstar producer John Petrina on the script and the unique approach to visualizing the product. Utilizing Houdini, we created a reactive CG background that simulated during analysis throughout the video, compliementing the software’s waveform analysis. Additionally, we created several unique environments to visualize … Read More