Means Industries | Born to Move

We collaborated with the automotive company Means to show their audience how they are transforming the future of propulsion. They needed something cutting-edge to visually explain their technology to engineers and decision makers and affirm their leading position in the marketplace.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Centrios HX Electron Microscope Visualization

Thermo Fisher Scientific reached out to Deep Sky to visualize the Axia ChemiSEM and Centrios HX. We collaborated with rockstar producer John Petrina on the script and the unique approach to visualizing the product.

Utilizing Houdini, we created a reactive CG background that simulated during analysis throughout the video, complementing the software’s waveform analysis. Additionally, we created several unique environments to visualize various samples taken from a wide spectrum of sites and industries.

Zap Energy, Inc. | Fusion Energy Interactive Experience

Zap Energy approached us to create a high-end interactive narrative experience to help unveil their advances in fusion energy. The goal was for a heightened product reveal to meet this historic moment in technological advancement. Leaning into an optimistic view of the future, while acknowledging real world challenges, we created a viewer-controlled scrolling visual experience with a conceptual breakdown of Zap Energy’s fusion reactor and its prospective impact from global scale to small community.

USNC | 3D Technical Walkthrough Video

USNC approached Deep Sky to produce a series of videos that promote and explain their state-of-the-art technology, which is setting the new standard for nuclear safety. The main goal of these videos was to be informative and scientifically-accurate. Using detailed environment modeling, complex VFX, and hyper-realistic simulations, we were able to convey USNC’s priority of safety while highlighting their state-of-the-art technology.

Hamilton Beach | Clorox True HEPA Air Purifiers

As a trusted brand, Clorox/Hamilton beach enlisted our help in creating 3D visualization videos for their Large Room & Tabletop True HEPA Air Purifiers. In these videos we included call outs, noting the 3 stage 360° filters, as well as featuring the product separating along with display and touch screen visualizations.

Giro | Bike Helmets CGI Product Rendering

Our third year collaboration with our friends at Giro Sports. We rendered all their bike helmets and goggle SKUs which are utilized for both print and online catalogues. During Q2 we setup the season’s production pipeline, optimized product CAD silhouettes, modeled missing elements, and created custom color shaders for each angled SKU. As well prepped thousands of decals and graphic … Read More

D’Addario | Product Catalogue Renderings

We collaborated with D’Addario, (yes the D’Addario!) on an ambitious 4-month project creating thousands of product SKU renderings of their products and accessories. Our first month consisted of pipeline setup, master lighting and SKU angles. A majority of products didn’t have available CAD files which required our team of artists to model every master SKU by referencing physical products. In … Read More