Alinea | Electron Therapy Cancer Treatment Visualization

We collaborated with OVO and IntraOp to visualized Mobetron outside a hospital environment in a small dermatology clinic. IntraOp, the leading innovator in compact electron therapy devices, announced plans in early 2019 to bring hospital-grade electron therapy to dermatology clinics. Superficial electron therapy is recognized as standard of care treatment for Basal and Squamous Cell skin cancers by both the … Read More

Stash Tea | 3D Product Renders

We collaborated with Jolby and Friends to visualize Stash Tea’s new product package designs. Utilizing Jolby’s vector illustrations, we rendered every product SKU at 3,000 by 3,000 pixel images with multiple angles. These CGI images replaced their previous traditional photography in both English and multi-languages. Client: Stash Tea Agency: Jolby and Friends 3D Studio: Deep Sky 3D modeling 3D texturing … Read More

Aneko | Emsys

Designed specifically for the beverage industry to empty in a simple, quick and effortless manner all kind of concentrated liquids, contained in drums, barrels or jerricans. Its completely sanitary construction and simple operation makes it an ideal equipment to integrate in the syrup preparation rooms. The equipment consists of movements in three axes (X, Y, Z) by means of a … Read More

McLanahan | Filter Press

McLanahan provided us with CAD models of the Filter Press machine where we textured, lit, and animated how it works. Referencing photos and videos of the machine we visualized the slurry mix, pump routes, machine press, water filtering, and cleaning process.

Nike | Lunarclipse+

You’ll never look at one of Nike’s high-performance shoes the same way again. With our modeling, we were able to visually show you a piece of sportswear layer-by-layer, component-by-component, so you can understand why the experts at Nike designed that shoe or product the way they did.We’ve done some great projects with Nike that are all over the Web and … Read More

Phoseon | Retrofit

We collaborated with Publitek to create a visualization of Phoseon’s Retrofitting technology. Utilized for sales and conferences, Phoseon needed an animation showcasing how they conform presses with modern LED technology. Surprisingly tough to explain and illustrate without visual references, we began by designing/modeling a hero press machine to demonstrate a before and after. The results created more inquires and helped … Read More

Gaylord Industries | The Eliminator

We collaborated with our friends over at Gaylord to visualize their new product that’s sure to be a game changer in the commercial kitchen industry. The Eliminator is the first commercial kitchen ventilator of its kind, designed to abate smoke and diminish odor in a small, cost-effective footprint. So to really show off what it can do, we took a … Read More

SmartSens | Air Purifier

We collaborated with For Life Products to model and animate their SmartSens Air Purifier. The 4k visualization was broadcasted live during QVC.