Laniakea | Cosmography Visualization

Deep Sky recently produced several space visualization animations for Burmer Music and Composition Lab. One of the sequences was visualizing our galactic neighborhood of 100,000 galaxies – Laniakea.

Burmer Music | 5D Universe Cosmography Visualization

The 5D Universe is the opening segment for ‘Origins: Life of the Universe’. Created Burmer Music and The Composition Lab.

It’s a new concept you may not find on the web and yet to be visualized by an artist. We were excited to tackle this incredible visualization! It took a lot of brainstorm collaboration and animation tests to achieve this theory, along with a desirable look! After months of software experimentation, we came up with a gorgeous visualization of two 5D universes colliding to create our universe.

FLIR | 3D Product Renders

Since 2015, we’ve been collaborating with Portland agency R\West their client FLIR visualizing products for print, online still imagery, and animation for video. FLIR primarily will provide CAD models and a physical product. From to time to time there are SKUs that need to be modeled from scratch, including camera explosions.

Aneko | Mixing Systems Visualizations

We produced a series of product animations for Aneko. Each industrial machine required visualizing fluid pumping and even system cleaning. This required Aneko’s engineers walking each artist through how the machines function. These machines are designed specifically for the beverage industry to empty in a simple, quick and effortless manner all kind of concentrated liquids, contained in drums, barrels or … Read More

Phoseon | Retrofit

We collaborated with Publitek to create a visualization of Phoseon’s Retrofitting technology. Utilized for sales and conferences, Phoseon needed an animation showcasing how they conform presses with modern LED technology. Surprisingly tough to explain and illustrate without visual references, we began by designing/modeling a hero press machine to demonstrate a before and after. The results created more inquires and helped clients better understand the process and benefits.