Hidden City Films

Deep Sky produced an original motion identity for Hidden City Films. We pitched a steampunk feel based on their early 2D logo design. The concept unfolded by first interpreting their logo into a detailed 3D model. Keeping the character design intact was more challenging than we thought due to its silhouette. After posing the 3D character in Zbrush, we lit … Read More

Nike Analyst Day | Video Wall Array

For Nike Analyst Day Deep Sky designed and animated video wall arrays showcasing Nike Training Club, Flyknit, and Airmax Day. The arrays consisted of two 3×3 multi-screens equaling 18 monitors. Care was taken during design and development for probable array split, content swap and design modifications. The end result was a slick motion collage showcasing Nike’s worldwide events, social media … Read More

Hexagon Geospatial

In our second video for the Hexagon series Deep Sky produced with √©tage, we encountered a new challenge to add to the already demanding task of interpreting complex and poetic messaging into unique illustrative visuals that stayed cohesive with the existing brand. Geospatial required more animators, which meant more artistic styles to work with, so keeping the animators consistent with … Read More

FLIR Lorex | Retail Video

We collaborated with our friends at R/West on this retail spot. Tasks included motion design, 3D product rendering, and transition edits.

VH1 Network ID

A few of us here remember how great the 90s music stations were. MTV and VH1 had some really fun network designs and crazy promos. We decided to give our take on a modern branding with a nod to the 80’s and 90’s Network branding without imagery and this is what you get!

Autodesk Fusion 360

Deep Sky designed and produced a slick motion graphic opener and graphics package for Visual Aid’s Autodesk videos.

Hubble Telescope animations

We love our astrophysics and astronomy! Here’s a collection of some of our photo manipulated space visualizations. In these examples we were provided with large quality Hubble Telescope photos (permission granted!), we rotoscoped apart stars and nebulas which were imported into After Effects and Cinema 4D. More please!