Nike Pro Combat Gear


We had the opportunity to work with Nike’s apparel prototypes and schematics for 10 new NPC college team uniforms. We scanned, modeled, and textured 10 helmets, shoes, socks, pants, shirts, and gloves. All in just 3 weeks. Additionally we modeled, rigged and animated a custom football player and placed in a stadium.

Verizon Architectural Walkthrough


A collaborated Downstream project. We produced this architectural walk-through of Verizon’s Innovation Center in San Francisco utilizing SketchUp models which were imported into 3D Studio Max where we modified, texturing, lit scenes and added camera animation.

Verizon LTE Multicast

Verizon LTE CES video 010914.mp4.00_00_28_20.Still005

When Multicast LTE was just emerging we were tasked by Downstream to visualize the technology. On a tight deadline and minimal budget we collaborated on a scripted outline showcasing LTE across several environments through a family journey.

JCI Custom 3D City Landscape


Custom smart city landscape showcasing a variety of business industries. We began by sketching out the ideal city with sections targeting industries. Once this layout was approved we modeled roadways , then landscape, and placeholder buildings. Building textures and tree scattering were completed after the building and parking lots were approved. Last but not least we placed individual vehicles in … Read More