Giro Snow Helmets & Goggles | CGI product rendering

We helped our friends at Giro make the leap from photography to CGI product renderings starting with their 2019 snow catalog. It took a month of preparation to become familiar with the product lineups, set up custom Excel Sheets to track production, and sort through hundreds of physical products shipped to us. Like photography, we had to prep and label … Read More

McLanahan Filter Press 3D Visualization

McLanahan provided us with CAD models of the Filter Press machine where we textured, lit, and animated how it works. Referencing photos and videos of the machine we visualized the slurry mix, pump routes, machine press, water filtering, and cleaning process.

Giro Vanquish ‘Shape the Wind’

GIRO is known for taking high-performance helmet design to the next level, and the Vanquish MIPS road cycling helmet is proof of their serious dedication to “enhancing the ride.” To showcase the innovative approach behind GIRO’s newest creation, Deep Sky was tasked with visualizing the helmet’s advanced airflow technology that came from years of data gathering, months of aerodynamic development, … Read More

Lotus ‘Vortex ALD’

To show off their proprietary new Rotary Reactor for batch ALD processing, Lotus AT enlisted Deep Sky to produce this 3D visualization highlighting the machine’s innovative design elements. At the time, the physical reactor had not been built yet, and there was no CAD model to go off of. So, we had to build out the 3D model by taking … Read More

SmartSens Air Purifier

We collaborated with For Life Products to model and animate their SmartSens Air Purifier. The 4k visualization was broadcasted live during QVC.

Gaylord Industries ‘The Eliminator’

We collaborated with our friends over at Gaylord to visualize their new product that’s sure to be a game changer in the commercial kitchen industry. The Eliminator is the first commercial kitchen ventilator of its kind, designed to abate smoke and diminish odor in a small, cost-effective footprint. So to really show off what it can do, we took a … Read More

Laniakea | Cosmography Visualization

Deep Sky recently produced several space visualization animations for Burmer Music and Composition Lab. One of the sequences was visualizing our galactic neighborhood of 100,000 galaxies – Laniakea. We worked closely with astrophysicist Daniel Pomarede of IRFU-CEA, Paris, to gather real data from the galaxy super cluster. Daniel provided and translated data into vertice points within an OBJ, but additional … Read More