MG “Monkey Business” | Commercial VFX

Deep Sky collaborated with New Amsterdam Film Company and MG on their latest spot titled ‘Monkey Business’. We utilized our in-house CGI chimpanzee model on this rad and ambitious 30-second international spot. While we’ve have had several years experience animating and compositing digital animals (particularly chimps), this spot had a load of welcome challenges. From moving cameras, moving objects, interactions … Read More

ODOT | Park Your Phone

Our first of many commercial spots for ODOT and Gard Communications. Park Your Phone plays throughout Oregon in theaters and broadcast, creating awareness to put your phone away before driving. We were tasked to film and bring to life real elements within a driver’s vehicle. We did this practically using wires, green screen, and a puppeteer. Our toy trooper was … Read More

FLIR | Total Security Solutions

Our friends at R/West reached out to us to tackle some high-end commercial visual effects for Flir’s Total Security Solution. We handled the overall design, camera tracking, motion graphic SUPERS, screen replacements, wall replacements, and 3D model overlay effects. Loving this spot!

Autodesk | Automotive 360 video

Deep Sky and Visual Aid worked with Autodesk to produce a 360 experience showcasing a team collaboration developing a concept vehicle. The 2 minute experience needed to loop seamlessly and allow viewers to follow the scenario from 3D print and scan, to Shotgun asset sharing, and a hologram teleconference. We worked with Panogs to capture the experience with 2 different … Read More

Oregon State Lottery | Saint Patrick’s Day

We had the pleasure working with our friends at R/West on three new Oregon State Lottery spots for Saint Patrick’s day. It was a blast working on set and tackling these hilarious visual effects shots. Check out how we did it below.

Oregon State Lottery | Jackpot Scratch-Its

We collaborated with R/West on this hilarious new Jackpot Scratch-Its spot, ‘More Than a Feeling’. In pre-production we helped develop the look, plan the shots with the director, and edit together the animatic storyboard and VFX pre-visualization. In order to achieve more realism and maintain the oddity, we went with both practical and digital effects. The background, for instance, was … Read More

Oregon State Lottery | Jackpot Trio

Early in pre-production, we provided pre-visualization of a CGI RV and yacht. During the film shoot we photographed 360 HDRIs for lighting reflections. In post, are tasked were much more difficult than it would seem – it involved a complex camera track with no tracking markers, removing objects, replacing the license plate, rotoscoping, changing the road solid yellow lines to … Read More

Suburban Auto | Commercial VFX

Recently we worked with R/West on the motion graphics and visual effects for Suburban’s new spots. We had a blast working on set and coming up with the spot’s visual look and effects. R/West agency wrote, filmed and produced editorial – our task was design, asset creation, transition concepts, motion graphics and compositing.