Virtual Stage Video Production | Mindful “Kind By Design”

Deep Sky was asked to merge the boundaries of reality & imagination for Mindful, where real-time virtual factories come to life behind presenters, seamlessly blending the tangible with the digital.

We discover the challenges, the innovation, and the artistry that transformed a vision into a mesmerizing 3D spectacle on a grand LED canvas using Unreal Engine and virtual production, answering Mindful’s needs.

Travel Portland | After Hours & Castaway 360 Videos

We’ve produced a number of technical 360 projects over the years. This particular one we teamed up with Grady Briton to capture the night life in Portland. We utilized several 360 rigs for low light captures and timelapses. This was a particular challenge in 2018 where the hardware was on the cusp of leaping forward in capture quality and stitching multiple cameras together for 6k and 8k. These days 8k can be captured and exported with very affordable consumer pocket-sized cameras. Hardware aside, there was a lot of technical planning and coordination that went into capturing all the night life locations. From band interviews, performances, and groups of people took time to coordinate and capture.

Dunedain | New Atomic Structure (VR)

We collaborated with Dunedain to create a VR application that educates users on new physics and a new atomic structure. The concepts and white papers were difficult to describe and only a few illustrations were available. After weeks of education and conceptual drawings we began modeling all assets from protons to elements such as silicon. Each element has its own power source and vortex tube. Dunedain’s goal wasn’t to just visualize a new atomic structure, rather show how protons and hydrogen vortexes behave. This leads to showing how water and air can be cleaned and reset to its original state after they’ve been polluted.