Clearly Filtered | Affinity Filtration Technology Launch Video

Clearly Filtered needed to show how their Affinity Filtration Technology is the most advanced system in providing clean and safe drinking water. Visualizing the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher product in 3D, we created a hero video that balances the beauty of the product with its unique features.

The product video accompanied a website refresh by Clearly Filtered, and it plays a key role in the messaging, both for the product and technology individually and for the brand as a whole.

Shine Technologies | Fusion Brand Anthem

We partnered with the revolutionary fusion energy company SHINE Technologies to create a scrollable website experience and brand anthem video. They are deploying and scaling fusion technology now, in the hope that one day will lead to powering the world. Through their four phases of implementation, including inspecting industrial components, producing medical isotopes, recycling nuclear waste, and generating fusion energy, they aspire to create an on-demand, carbon-free energy future.

We worked with their team to create a script outline and brand message for the technical product visualization video. Through beautiful 3D animation, we created both epic photo-real environments as well as particle simulation scenes. Our 3D modeling team created 3D renders of their fusion reactors and facilities. In the end, the video launched on their site as a scrollable and interactive experience complete with a full brand relaunch.

IntraOp | Mobetron IORT

Deep Sky was privileged to have recently collaborated with IntraOp on a project that left us in awe of their latest medical device, the IntraOp Mobetron. Our team had the opportunity to create stunning 3D models and renders that showcase the remarkable technological advancements of this groundbreaking device. We are thrilled to share our insights on how the IntraOp Mobetron is revolutionizing cancer treatment, earning the trust of leading cancer physicians worldwide.

Lightspeed | Delta Zulu

Lightspeed reached out to Deep Sky to not only visualize their latest groundbreaking aviation headset, but also capture (film) the early working prototypes from the ground to the clouds. Our task was to visualize the Delta Zulu being built for safety, control, and comfort. Lightspeed’s newest headset introduces new technologies that could save the lives of both pilots and passengers.

Vestaboard | Smart Display

We colloborated with Vestaboard to give their customers a clear look at the all new Vestaboard White. Using 3D rendering we created all 132 characters, including all the colors of the rainbow.

FlasKap | Premium Drinking System (Product renders & how it works animation)

We worked with FlasKap to visualize their latest tumblers and accessories for website, catalogue and marketing material. We referenced all products and accessories in-hand to precisely match color and materials. Additionally, we visualized how the Madic 9 and Volst 30 work, requiring realistic liquid simulation.

D’Addario | Venn

We collaborated with our friends at D’Addario to model and animating their new VENN product release. This included visualizing synthetic fibers, cane particles, and fluid resin into the final reed. We utilized C4D, Arnold, and simulation plugins in this gorgeous spot.