Deep Sky collaborated with Applied Bio on an animated spot for their new product called Biovanta. We utilized their fresh out-of-the-box branding (color palette and product packaging) to design the look of Biovanta Cold and Cough. Lot’s of attention to detail on this spot; from messaging, finding the right narration voice, the illustrated details, and buttery smooth transitions. Biovanta is … Read More

OG&E | Positive Energy Homes

Our friends at CLEAResult reached out to us to produce an classical animated video for OG&E’s Positive Energy Homes. This lovely spot combined both hand-drawn animation, matte painted backgrounds, and 3D animation. Client: OG&E Agency: CLEAResult Studio: Deep Sky Creative Director: Jared Hobbs Producer: James Horn Art Director: Barret Thomson Lead 2D Animator: Jack Ellis 2D Animator: Tina Hsu 2D … Read More

Growing Up George | Animated Short Film

Growing Up George shows how the strong influence of Paul George’s mother Paulette and sister Teiosha helped shape the All-Star into the person, parent and athlete he is today. The piece highlights how his sister Teiosha’s success as a basketball player inspired and motivated him at a young age to develop his game. The film also touches on his mother … Read More

BR | Derek Carr + Chucky vs broncos

We had a blast working on this funny little animation for Bleacher Report. Our goal, make you question what the heck you just watched. Seriously though, Bleacher Report knows their fans and we got to explore some new territory with them. This particular style we hand drew most of the animation and composited the effects into After Effects. Animations are … Read More

Halo Pet Food | Garden of Vegan

Our 3rd Halo video collaboration with RPA. The Garden of Vegan aims to highlight that dogs don’t need meat to be strong and healthy. A plentiful wild garden full of fresh veggies and sustenance for our doggies.

Merry Christmas from Deep Sky

We have a tradition to create an animated Christmas video each year. Each time we look for a new story, new characters and sometimes animation technique we haven’t tried. For this year’s concept our animators pitched several ideas and it was our lovely intern (Ciara) who hit a home run: Live action + animation… heck yes! We begain 2 weeks … Read More

Capitol Auto | Animated Broadcast Spots

We were excited when one of our long-time clients, Capitol Auto Group, decided to go out on a limb and try a completely new creative approach to their broadcast and pre-roll spots. It’s no secret that we love animation, and we knew this one would be a fun production. Each of Capitol’s stores needed a unique story that aligned with … Read More

Wreck-It Ralph | Sticker Pack Animations

Wreck-It-Ralph now breaks through to your mobile devices! We conceptualized dozens of animations and produced 12 unique emotions complimenting the character’s personality. Sticker pack was simulated in Xcode and exported as GIFs. Utilized on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.    

Lovely | Animated Shorts

What do you find lovely? Do you mostly use lovely as a description of beauty, or is it most often used sarcastically to describe the exact opposite? We are interested in this dichotomy and what curious situations we often find ourselves in. Situations where lovely is sitting on the fence of both the good and the bad. We are naturally … Read More