Shine Technologies | Fusion Brand Anthem / Interactive Experience

We partnered with the revolutionary fusion energy company SHINE Technologies to create a scrollable website experience and brand anthem video. They are deploying and scaling fusion technology now, in the hope that one day will lead to powering the world. Through their four phases of implementation, including inspecting industrial components, producing medical isotopes, recycling nuclear waste, and generating fusion energy, they aspire to create an on-demand, carbon-free energy future.

We worked with their team to create a script outline and brand message for the technical product visualization video. Through beautiful 3D animation, we created both epic photo-real environments as well as particle simulation scenes. Our 3D modeling team created 3D renders of their fusion reactors and facilities. In the end, the video launched on their site as a scrollable and interactive experience complete with a full brand relaunch.

Zap Energy | Fusion Energy Website & Interactive Experience

Zap Energy approached us to create a high-end interactive narrative experience to help unveil their advances in fusion energy. The goal was for a heightened product reveal to meet this historic moment in technological advancement. Leaning into an optimistic view of the future, while acknowledging real world challenges, we created a viewer-controlled scrolling visual experience with a conceptual breakdown of Zap Energy’s fusion reactor and its prospective impact from global scale to small community.

Travel Portland | After Hours & Castaway 360 Videos

We’ve produced a number of technical 360 projects over the years. This particular one we teamed up with Grady Briton to capture the night life in Portland. We utilized several 360 rigs for low light captures and timelapses. This was a particular challenge in 2018 where the hardware was on the cusp of leaping forward in capture quality and stitching multiple cameras together for 6k and 8k. These days 8k can be captured and exported with very affordable consumer pocket-sized cameras. Hardware aside, there was a lot of technical planning and coordination that went into capturing all the night life locations. From band interviews, performances, and groups of people took time to coordinate and capture.

Hexagon | Shape of Potential (animation & live performance)

For the most recent HxGN Live conference in Las Vegas, we teamed up with Etage to produce a live show open experience to introduce the keynote speaker with flair.

Each year HxGN pushes to do something new that will wow the audience. This year our challenge was to design an 8,000-pixel wide video in the branded style of Hexagon while working with a professional dancer 600 miles away. We had created a “rhythmic dance” between an eloquently written script and perfectly timed animation in the past for HxGN, but producing one in real time was a different story.

Autodesk | Automotive 360 video

Deep Sky and Visual Aid worked with Autodesk to produce a 360 experience showcasing a team collaboration developing a concept vehicle. The 2 minute experience needed to loop seamlessly and allow viewers to follow the scenario from 3D print and scan, to Shotgun asset sharing, and a hologram teleconference.