Virtual Stage Video Production | Mindful “Kind By Design”

Deep Sky was asked to merge the boundaries of reality & imagination for Mindful, where real-time virtual factories come to life behind presenters, seamlessly blending the tangible with the digital.

We discover the challenges, the innovation, and the artistry that transformed a vision into a mesmerizing 3D spectacle on a grand LED canvas using Unreal Engine and virtual production, answering Mindful’s needs.

Orca Security | AWS ReInvent 2022 (Las Vegas)

A leader in Cloud Security Platforms, Orca Security illuminates, ranks, and resolves security risks and compliance concerns across cloud portfolios. They’re sphere of influence spans the giants of cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes.

We were asked to create a span of motion graphics featured in their informative explainer videos, custom website graphics, and even debuting on the Las Vegas Strip!

Seahawks | Fumble Rumble Game Animation

We teamed up with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks to create an engaging in-game animation to play at Lumen Field during the 2022 season. Inspired by the game Plinko, this animated scoreboard video engaged fans of all ages, strengthened their home field advantage, and promoted the strong culture around ‘The 12s’, all with a uniqely Seahawks, Seattle, and PNW-themed experience. We created 3 possible winners (The 12s, Blitz, and Boom) to keep fans on their feet each time.

To kick off production, we determined which Seattle landmarks the team wanted to focus on, then we got to work on developing concept art. Since the video is one long downward camera pan, each scene needed to flow seamlessly to the next.

Our background artist created a beautiful painterly mural as a backdrop. Our 3D team used the concept art as a basis to model environments and props on which the ball would bounce, and developed a bouncing simulation as well. Our 2D animation team breathed some fresh PNW life into the backgrounds with simple animations and effects too.

ODOT | Pedestrian Speed

In this PSA spot in collaboration with GARD, we dove into a new approach to catch our audiences attention: A “real-time” video game, indicating the importance of keeping pedestrians safety first while behind the wheel. In real life, unfortunately, there are no extra chances. Client: ODOT Agency: Gard Animation Studio: Deep Sky Producer: James Horn Creative Director: Barret Thomson 3D … Read More

Hexagon | Shape of Potential (animation & live performance)

For the most recent HxGN Live conference in Las Vegas, we teamed up with Etage to produce a live show open experience to introduce the keynote speaker with flair.

Each year HxGN pushes to do something new that will wow the audience. This year our challenge was to design an 8,000-pixel wide video in the branded style of Hexagon while working with a professional dancer 600 miles away. We had created a “rhythmic dance” between an eloquently written script and perfectly timed animation in the past for HxGN, but producing one in real time was a different story.