Halo Pet Food


We were super excited to get the opportunity to work with the largest independent advertising agency on the West Coast, RPA, on this animated explainer for their new client Halo Pet Food. Halo wanted an educational video that could be used as a sales tool explaining the many benefits of their holistic pet food. Considering the dry subject matter (pun … Read More

PSU ‘Building the Best Student Experience’


To inform students, staff, and faculty how they’ve been making efforts to improve the student experience by making it more personal, Portland State University enlisted Deep Sky to produce an animated awareness video to push through their existing university channels. PSU wanted students to know that they’ve been listening to their concerns, and have implemented four key applications designed to … Read More

APS Awareness


We collaborated with CleaResult to produce an animated awareness video for APS. CleaResult provided the script and voice over, while Deep Sky was tasked with storyboards, design, editing and animation. We combined hand drawn animation and motion graphics to create a unique style with a warm and inviting tone.

Nike Women’s SP16 Social Media Animations


For Nike Women’s SP16 Challenge, Deep Sky collaborated with Ike from After All and AKQA to design, animate, and execute loop-able GIFs for Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! #nikewomen.

GG Interactive ‘Dev|Pro’


Garage Games Interactive developed a cool new game development curriculum that makes teaching and learning about computer science fun, accessible, and relatable. In order to properly explain DevPro, we decided to go with an explainer video format to show how both students and teachers might fall in love with the curriculum. The creative involved utilizing a variety of mixed media … Read More

Gateway to College National Network


One of the project challenges was finding a way to illustrate cultural diversity without stereotyping minorities or groups that face challenges, such as pregnant teens or those suffering form illness. So we designed characters with a myriad of rainbow-hued skin colors so they couldn’t be culturally singled out, yet still represented diversity. To further diversify, we incorporated design elements like … Read More

Telstra Anthem

telstra anthem

Deep Sky produced a 2 minute 4k animated opener for the Telstra theater titled ‘Anthem’ for Downstream. Project included Flash character animation and motion graphics.