Galois | Formal Verification & Cryptography

We rely on software for everything these days. Ever think just how disastrous it would be if the systems we count on to protect our lives went awry? Galois does. And they have solutions.

We had the pleasure of working with the team at the R&D technologies company to produce two awareness videos designed to educate industries that rely on critical systems about formal methods and formal verification – and how incredibly effective they are at improving cyber security and safety. Our job was to take a very intricate mathematical and scientific topic and distill it down into a clean, two-minute overview, striking the perfect balance between overly technical and overly simplistic, in order to reach a relatively broad audience. After multiple in depth interviews with Galois engineers and days of wading through white papers to write the scripts, the next challenge was finding a way to visually represent such a complex topic.

Galois | Mobile Roots of Trust

Can you trust your mobile device? How can you be sure? Galois’ Mobile Roots of Trust provides a mechanism to not only have a secure device, but to prove it.

We had the pleasure collaborating with Galois to educate viewers about Mobile Roots of Trust, a project awarded by the Department of Homeland Security, and how its innovative methods ensure mobile devices are securely authenticating critical systems. Our tasks included ideation, design, film production, post production editing and animation.