Burmer Music | Nanakorobi (Seven Falls)

Nanakorobi (Seven Falls) is a multi-award winning animated short film created by Glenna Burmer that follows the adventures of a young girl who undergoes seven challenges to save a dear orphaned friend from the cold Hokkaido winter. This highlight video shows the beginning of the film, showcasing both the original orchestral score composed by Glenna Burmer and the sumi-e style animation by Gaby Breiter and Deep Sky. The animation is a tribute to Glenna Burmer’s mother, who was a sumi-e artist.

Laniakea | Cosmography Visualization

Deep Sky recently produced several space visualization animations for Burmer Music and Composition Lab. One of the sequences was visualizing our galactic neighborhood of 100,000 galaxies – Laniakea.

Burmer Music | 5D Universe Cosmography Visualization

The 5D Universe is the opening segment for ‘Origins: Life of the Universe’. Created Burmer Music and The Composition Lab.

It’s a new concept you may not find on the web and yet to be visualized by an artist. We were excited to tackle this incredible visualization! It took a lot of brainstorm collaboration and animation tests to achieve this theory, along with a desirable look! After months of software experimentation, we came up with a gorgeous visualization of two 5D universes colliding to create our universe.