OSL ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’


We had the pleasure working with our friends at R/West on 3 new Oregon State Lottery spots for Saint Patrick’s day. It was a blast working on set and tackling these hilarious visual effects shots.

Nowhere To Run (series VFX)


We’ve been having blast knocking out some VFX and color grading for AJ Move’s ‘Nowhere to Run’. More to come! Ooooh zombies.

Jackpot Scratch-Its VFX


We collaborated with R/West on this hilarious new Jackpot Scratch-Its spot, ‘More Than a Feeling’. In pre-production we helped develop the look, plan the shots with the director, and edit together the animatic storyboard and VFX pre-visualization. In order to achieve more realism and maintain the oddity, we went with both practical and digital effects. The background, for instance, was … Read More

Oregon State Lottery ‘Jackpot Trio’ VFX

Oregon Lottery vfx

Early in pre-production, we provided pre-visualization of a CGI RV and yacht. During the film shoot we photographed 360 HDRIs for lighting reflections. In post, are tasked were much more difficult than it would seem – it involved a complex camera track with no tracking markers, removing objects, replacing the license plate, rotoscoping, changing the road solid yellow lines to … Read More

OSL ‘Lewis & Clark’ Commercials VFX

Dancing Bear Clip 3_00421

Deep Sky tackled the visual effects for 10 Oregon Video Lottery spots by R/West. Our tasks included sky treatment, weather, 13 city and object backplate removals, sunbeams, lighting, track and roto, compositing, 30 lottery screen replacements, 12 CGI animals and 7 animated 3D bookends that would reveal the etching in the Lewis and Clark log book in the closing frame. … Read More

Suburban Auto Commercials VFX


Recently we worked with R/West on the motion graphics and visual effects for Suburban’s new spots. We had a blast working on set and coming up with the spot’s visual look and effects. R/West agency wrote, filmed and produced editorial – our task was design, asset creation, transition concepts, motion graphics and compositing.


FLIR TCX.00_00_34_14.Still001

For this FLIR TCX spot we created a CGI sequence where the viewer is led through a ventilation system and into a room. Along with the the CGI intro, we tracked and screen replaced the alarm and thermostat, created a CGI animated fan and animated the exploding FLIR TCX product. Since the spot was shot in low light, we knew … Read More

Trunk Monkey VFX – CGI Chimpanzee


It’s common knowledge that young chimpanzees can only be on set for so long before they lose focus. Plus, we can’t allow them to swing signs at people, or direct them to make an epic slow motion jump into a crowd. So, unfortunately Deep Sky’s only option was to create a CGI chimp for R/West’s new Trunk Monkey spots. Being … Read More

Microsoft Software + Services – Singapore


We collaborated with our good friends at Extreme Arts + Science on a series of Microsoft Software + Services videos. Each video showcased futuristic interactive devices and conceptual daily uses. In this case study, AE+S wrote, filmed and edited. UI, motion design, and visual effects were developed by Deep Sky with some inspiration from “Minority Report”. We wireframed the user … Read More