Happy Holidays from Deep Sky!


Happy holidays to all our friends and family! Our pug and abominable snowman friends would like to also wish you a wonderful Christmas weekend and happy 2018 new year.

Autodesk (360/VR Automotive Video)


Deep Sky and Visual Aid worked with Autodesk to produce a 360 experience showcasing a team collaboration developing a concept vehicle. The 2 minute experience needed to loop seamlessly and allow viewers to follow the scenario from 3D print and scan, to Shotgun asset sharing, and a hologram teleconference. We worked with Panogs to capture the experience with 2 different … Read More

Dental Awareness Campaign (Social Media GIFs)


We love producing social media animation GIFs for companies and brands. We begin by researching the target audience, then strategize, design within brand guidelines, animate, and modify for all sites. Campaign exports include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. We plan ahead so all animations loop seamlessly, crop well, and for longer durations test our gradient and GIF … Read More

Laniakea – cosmography visualization

Deep Sky 3D Space Visualization Laniakea 3

Deep Sky recently produced several space visualization animations for Burmer Music and Composition Lab. One of the sequences was visualizing our galactic neighborhood of 100,000 galaxies – Laniakea. We worked closely with astrophysicist Daniel Pomarede of IRFU-CEA, Paris, to gather real data from the galaxy super cluster. Daniel provided and translated data into vertice points within an OBJ, but additional … Read More

The Core


Our internal CGI short created entirely in C4D and composited in AE. With a little in-between time we wanted to create an abstract sci fi short to showcase some of our motion design chops. Our animated logo is a slight nod to our favorite show the year ‘Stranger Things’. Enjoy!

NASCAR Racing Challenge


In a 1 week period we pitched and produced this fun 3D animated intro for Microsoft’s Racing Challenge. Being limited by the CGI rendering turnaround, we opted for lower poly vehicles and track environment, focusing our efforts on the vehicles and camera animation. The final addition was sound effects design which really brings energy and excitement to the video.

Pug In Space

PUG IN SPACE_update_11042015.00_00_14_08.Still007

We have a bowl full of animated short ideas we pull out of our hat every so often. Our muse for this one just so happens to be the sweetest little pug who loves to come to work with us. The idea might have been created from working on a 3D animated space project while eating a hot dog, who … Read More

Yeasayer ‘I am Chemistry’ (music video)


We had the pleasure of collaborating with Director Mike Anderson Yeasayer’s ‘I am Chemistry’ music video. Mike Anderson’s imagination is truly awesome. His visions are wildly creative and the new and experimental techniques made this a blast to work on. Mike’s models were scanned in 3D, cleaned up and rigged in Cinema 4D. We used the Perception Neuron for motion … Read More

FLIR FX – 3D motion graphic parallax


Deep Sky was recently tasked with producing a motion graphic parallax animation for R/WEST’s client FLIR. The project included additional concept and storyboards, 3D modeling, vray lighting, water simulation, 3D animation, motion graphics and compositing. The result – slick engaging animation with vertical parallax environment transitions that showcase the FLIR FX product’s usability and durability. Direct communication with project manager … Read More