HxGN | Airbus & Geospatial

We collaborated with étage creative to produce this unique video for HxGN and Airbus. We enjoyed the video’s beautiful message and visual simplicity. The well-written script, excellent voice over, and carefully chosen photography makes this a poetic video with a strong message. Our final touches were adding subtle motion parallax animations and unique color correction.

Phoseon Technology | Corporate video

Deep Sky Studios was tasked to plan, film and produce a three-minute walkthrough of Phoseon’s U.S. facility that would essentially provide a factory tour for clients and potential customers and eliminate the need to physically travel to Phoseon’s headquarters. We were asked to develop a creative corporate video and produce it in English, Korean and Mandarin, which would also be … Read More

Capitol Auto | Best in Town branded documentary

“Destination Remarkable!”: Deep Sky produced a 7 minute video that tells the story of Capital Auto Group’s journey from good to great, focusing on the very specific process the company went through and the tremendous results it discovered when it dared to ask the question: How do we become better and set the course for remarkable? The Purpose: To demonstrate … Read More

Capitol Chevrolet | Bauman Farms

For Capitol Auto’s 2016 campaign, Deep Sky produced a series of online and broadcast spots for each of the Capitol store brands, instituting a testimonial “lifestyle” theme to tell stories of how real Capitol customers live, how their vehicle supports their lifestyle, and how they share core values with Capitol. The Bauman family has been farming in Oregon for over … Read More