Producer (motion graphics/animation)

Deep Sky is looking for an exceptionally talented and fun-loving producer to join our team on a permanent basis. Candidates should have experience scoping, producing, and executing motion graphics which includes 2D animation, 3D visualization, and high-end motion design. This is not an entry-level position. If you haven’t had experience working in a role at a company like this, you will need to present examples of relevant work such as mixed media and VFX.

Combined with a dynamic personality to engage with clients on calls and collaborate with staff and freelance artists. Candidates will have 2+ years of front-line experience in a creative production environment, be highly motivated for animation and producing, and of course rock star communication skills. Ideal candidates will have an eye for design and animation. Along with checking on artist’s hours, tasks and deliverables, the producer must be able to handle multiple projects on a daily basis. The producer should have experience managing budgets, maintaining Google Excel spreadsheets, and communicating with clients.

The position’s project may range from motion graphic event openers, campaign graphic packages, 2D animated shorts, commercial spots, visual effects shot, 3D visualization videos, and explainer/brand videos.

Qualifications, Experience and Must-Have Skills:

  • A minimum of four (4) years professional work experience in a related field, preferably in an agency, production or post-production setting.
  • Demonstrated understanding of motion design and animation production practices including production flow, and the technical aspects of video and post-production.
  • Basic knowledge of creative software suites artists use such as the Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Maya, Nuke, Harmony, etc.
  • Must be able to multitask and handle multiple projects on a daily basis.
  • Levelheaded, calm and function well under stress.

Please submit your resume to jobs@deepsky.us. We will review the work of U.S. candidates. Please do not apply for this job if your skills are not a match.