Design, animation, VFX, and live action for businesses and brands who love taking their audiences to new heights and depths.

Who are we? We’re collaborative design-driven artists who love helping clients push the creative envelope. With extensive experience in design, animation, and live action production, we’re crazy enough to walk the edge, yet professional enough to take home to mom and dad.

Founded in 2006 by Jared Hobbs, we’ve built our business on doing work we love with people who share our passion for building compelling narratives. Known for partnering with the best in the industry and getting the job done right, we make our clients look good. And we’re a hell of a lot of fun to work with!

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Founder of Deep Sky

Jared Hobbs
Executive Creative Director

James Horn | Senior Producer

James Horn
Senior Creative Producer

Sara Hertel - Accounts Manager

Sara Hertel
Accounts Manager

Barret Thomson - Art Director

Barret Thomson
Senior Art Director

Esli Becerra - Visual Effects Generalist

Esli Becerra
Lead Visual Effects | Guru

Jack Ellis - Lead 2D Animator

Jack Ellis
Lead 2D Animator

Michael Johnson - 3D Generalist

Michael Johnson
Lead 3D Generalist

Anna Koehn - Production Coordinator and Writer

Anna Koehn

Elliott Bynum

Elliott Bynum
3D Technical Director

Grant Perdew - Motion Designer

Grant Perdew
Motion Designer


Gaby Breiter
2D Animator

Milan Erceg - Senior Motion Designer

Milan Erceg
Senior Motion Designer

Geoffrey Nakanishi

Geoffrey Nakanishi
3D Generalist


Jordan Heard
3D Animator

Miguel Aguilar - Senior Editor

Miguel Aguilar
Senior Editor

Andrew Lavier - Visual Artist

Andrew Lavier
Visual Artist

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