Washington Companies 50th Anniversary Animated Documentary


This seven-minute animated video documents the history and growth of the Washington Companies over 50 years, designed to both educate and entertain viewers. The project presented a unique challenge since it included actual people, specific equipment, locations, and events that had to be recreated in a fun and playful way, yet still remain true and accurate to how they transpired. … Read More

Og’s Adventures – shorts and test animations


Before production begins on an animated series or film, Deep Sky will produce animation tests or an animated short (sizzle reel). If an animated short has not been previously created. Deep Sky will provide animation tests during pre-production for approval with such things as design, tone and style/technique of animation. Sizzle reels (animated shorts) are an effective tool for building an online fan base, utilized … Read More

Lucy Billings ‘My Caballo’ music video


We produced an animated music video for songwriter Lucy Billings, “My Caballo.” Lucy was looking for an animation studio to give this song a special feel and appeal to everyone. She really connected with some of our animations and video work, as well as our work on ‘Og’s Adventures’. We produced a six and a half-minute, high-def video for Lucy … Read More