Dental Awareness Campaign (Social Media GIFs)


We love producing social media animation GIFs for companies and brands. We begin by researching the target audience, then strategize, design within brand guidelines, animate, and modify for all sites. Campaign exports include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. We plan ahead so all animations loop seamlessly, crop well, and for longer durations test our gradient and GIF … Read More

NFL Social Media Animations


Produced a series of animated social media GIFs for the NFL Second Season. We were tasked with conceptualizing a look within a budget and producing a style that reached their target audience, as well production timeline. The GIFs needed to play and loop on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. This meant planning ahead for spec limitations: file size, scale, crop, … Read More

Capitol Auto Christmas opener

CAG Xmas 2015 video - updated.00_00_53_03.Still007

We recently created this festive opener for our loyal client Capitol Auto Group’s 2015 holiday celebration. Along with the animated open, we produced a 10 minute video montage showcasing this year’s highlights, commercial blooper outtakes, and some Christmas-themed skits.

Pug In Space

PUG IN SPACE_update_11042015.00_00_14_08.Still007

We have a bowl full of animated short ideas we pull out of our hat every so often. Our muse for this one just so happens to be the sweetest little pug who loves to come to work with us. The idea might have been created from working on a 3D animated space project while eating a hot dog, who … Read More

Yeasayer ‘I am Chemistry’ (music video)


We had the pleasure of collaborating with Director Mike Anderson of New Media on the Yeasayer I am Chemistry music video. Mike Anderson’s imagination is truly awesome. His visions are wildly creative and the new and experimental techniques made this a blast to work on. We’re looking forward to the next one! AWARDS: Graphite Pencil from D&AD

World Travel Adventures with Nolan Lorch


This fun little short is dedicated to our forever and favorite employee Nolan Lorch. Nolan has been with Deep Sky for 7 amazing years. Not only is Nolan the most reliable and hardworking human being we have ever met, he brought so much happiness and inspiration to our studio. We miss you Nolan! Thank you for all the wonderful years … Read More

Washington Companies 50th Anniversary Animated Documentary


This seven-minute animated video documents the history and growth of the Washington Companies over 50 years, designed to both educate and entertain viewers. The project presented a unique challenge since it included actual people, specific equipment, locations, and events that had to be recreated in a fun and playful way, yet still remain true and accurate to how they transpired. … Read More