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Mixpo VPAID Video Styleboards

Our board designs for Mixpo’s new commercial. We are currently animating.

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Verizon Architectural Visualization renders

Sneak peak at just a few of our recent 3D architectural visualization work. These two renders produced for Downstream and Verizon.

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esquares Electronic Cigarettes Infographic Illustration

We love illustrating and designing. Check out the beautiful infographic we created for esquares electronic cigarettes.

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Farmer Brothers

Produced 2:30 motion graphic video for This Meets That Films, Visual Aid and Farmers Brothers. Producer: James Allen. Motion graphics: Nolan Lorch.

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3D Industry Landscapes

Produced a collage of 3D industry landscapes for Downstream.

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10 Truthful Tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Part 7 of 10

How to Escape a Smart Zombie Part 7 of 10 of our hilarious take on zombies. Happy Halloween!

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esquares Infomercial CTA

We produced a half hour infomercial for Blue Shift and esquares. Entirely filmed in studio on green screen sets along with testimonial interviews and 3D visualization animations. Look for esquares on your cable networks in November.

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Mixpo – Comcast Xfinity Reselller Video

Collaborated with EAS producing this motion graphic reseller video for Mixpo and Comcast. Project includes  storyboarding, animatic, audio, 3D animation, compositing and motion graphics. 

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We worked with Extreme Art + Science to produce this motion graphic video for Microsoft’s MSTV timeline. Storyboarding and motion graphics. 

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TMPG’s Honey-Comb and We The Kings Sizzle Reel

TMPG approached us to produce a sizzle reel to showcase the amount of work they produced for Honey-Comb, from brainstorming, reaching target consumers, negotiating for a big band, branding, online campaign, live webcast and more. 

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